It’s About Family

We just had a super Easter with the family and it moved me to write this post. You see, we are such a divergent group it seems a miracle that we could get together and have such a good time.

We are flaming liberals, dedicated moderates, and staunch conservatives. Some have done very well financially, some ok, some not so well and not necessarily in their stereotyped political beliefs.  Several of us have had life-threatening illnesses that challenged our family to the hilt. Our family got us through it. We are a great group of survivors.

Individually,  at times,  we’ve all been challenged to maintain goodwill within the family. We all work hard, play hard, and love to have our get-together times. We share heart breaks and celebrations. I am not afraid to say that I’m proud to be a member of  a family where, in spite of such wide gulfs separating so many people on so many levels, I am still able to enjoy an entire day together, hating to see it end.

I know it sounds cheezy, but there it is. Despite our differences, it is all about family. That’s what has made us strong, and what has made our country strong. Family is for security, family is for support, family is for celebration, family for learning to laugh at yourself, and family is for learning to tolerate, value, and celebrate the diversity of opinions among those who mean the most to you.  The family is made up of different people for different families, but it works for them.

Happy Easter, to my family, your family, and the great family of the United States of America.

My grandchildren in my favorite spot.

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