Local Races Matter

English: Sunrise at North Point Park, Milwauke...

English: Sunrise at North Point Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin North Point Park, Milwaukee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Politics has always interested me, and being able to be involved in two national elections and one gubernatorial woke me up to a fact I hadn’t realized before.  That is, local politicians will one day run for higher office, and point back to their experience at the local level.  The question then is, what do you think of what they have done so far? I found that most people have no idea. They paid no attention.

Current politics have not only been terrifically polarizing, politicians have been unable to govern at all. Laws are passed that  undo laws that have been stable for years. The Governor signs off of changes to voting laws, gun laws, and the ability of cities to self-determine their own agendas; and people sit and  watch and worry.  If folks had been watching, this legislature has been in the making by money people since 1996. In one case, just look at Governor Walker. Had you checked his resume, you would have known he got bounced from college for election irregularities.

Did anyone notice or concern themselves about the law added onto the open carry law? You know, the one that says no city or municipality of Wisconsin can make a law more stringent than the one the legislature passes. “Yup, you don’t got no choice.”

So get out and vote. Don’t ignore this one. Check up on the people in charge of your future. You have no idea what they have planned for you.

 More Information

An election commission found Walker guilty of campaigning a week early. A Quigley worker campaigned too close to polls. An unregistered Walker worker dropped literature at students’ doors. Walker lost campaign privileges in one Marquette facility, and lost a day of campaigning as another penalty.


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