The Real “Takers” In This Country!

English: Barack Obama speech "Fighting fo...

English: Barack Obama speech “Fighting for Health Insurance Reform” delivered 8 March 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It happened yesterday when I was listening to the “far-right” talk about the working poor as if they were responsible for their own low income.I started thinking of the usual..”they crashed the economy and now they complain” issue when I got distracted by the idea that by paying exceedingly low wages to the “middle class“, a whole other class was created. That is the “working poor.” These are those hardworking souls who work 40-60 hours a week, minimum wage, no health insurance, and no benefits to speak of.

A husband, wife, and two children in school. That’s the standard family of four talked  about in the math in these situations. So, take a husband with a 40 hour per week job, and a wife with 20-24 hours a week, because they really can’t afford child care. Together they are earning approximately $ 7.50 an hour, for a total of $25,900.00 a year. Start subtracting rent, standard schooling costs, heat, and the family is barely scraping by. In most cases, they are losing ground and need public assistance. This family of four applies for and gets food stamps or subsidies, heating subsidies, and now they can get health insurance.

This is where the conservative cries out. Why so much assistance? Well, blame it on the so-called job creators. The “job-creators” have received enormous tax breaks over the last few years, but instead of putting that money in the economy, they are banking it. When you and I pay our taxes, we are paying for the family of four to survive, and we are paying (and we are paying!!) for the job-creators to create more jobs. Essentially, Joseph Tax-payer is getting nailed coming and going. Since there are no jobs being created, and no living wages being paid, it is no surprise that many will continue to need public assistance to survive. What is unimaginable is that we are paying twice for the same thing, because job-creators are spreading the lie that they are going to create jobs. They haven’t created them yet, and I believe they will not create them until forced to do so. Tie that tax break to actual jobs, and then watch the jobs roll in. Until, Joe Tax-payer is getting shafted.

The tragedy in all of this is when the low-wage worker gets blamed for needing help. Like they have a choice in the matter. Like they aren’t trying to better their lives.

The persons not trying to better anything are the ones taking tax breaks and failing to create jobs. They are the “real takers in this country!”

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