Take A Stand!

The Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, known by the acronym WAVE, is one of the local organizations attempting to rectify the gun problem. They are supporting President Obama’s call for universal background checks with no exceptions, a reduction in the number of bullets in a high-capacity magazine, a reduction in the sale of assault weapons, and tough penalties for gun traffickers. Grass Roots @ South Shore is pleased to be supporting WAVE in this effort, and there are petitions to this effect in circulation.

In order that people sign on with those portions of gun control that they agree with, and to avoid having an all or nothing attitude, these petitions are now available to you in single option online signing. We also have paper petitions that address all 3 stances. I am asking that you join me in signing these petitions as soon as possible so that we can send them on to the proper legislators as quickly as possible.

1. You can sign here for universal background checks.  Universal Background Checks!

2. Signing for tougher penalties for gun traffickers here: Gun Traffickers Penalties! 

3. Banning high-capacity magazines and reducing the availability of assault weapons here: Ban High Capacity Clips, Assault Weapons

By signing these petitions, you will be assuring yourself that your voice is being sent to your legislature and your representatives. This will encourage them to support the President and ensure that proper steps are taken for laws to be created and passed.

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