Voter Fraud IS a Fraud


English: map of voter id laws for 2008 election

English: map of voter id laws for 2008 election (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The news about voter fraud, the news that no-one talks about, is voter fraud is a fraud. There are so few cases of voter impersonation, that it is a waste of time and legislature money to create laws and the necessary ID’s to prevent it. What is surprising as well is that there have been states quoting voter fraud statistics, but prosecutions of said fraud are in the single digits. So what is voter fraud about? Voter disenfranchisement.


News21 reporters also reached out to election personnel in all 50 states, requesting information on every single reported case of alleged fraud at the polls. The organization’s analysis of 2,068 cases found only 10 related to impersonation. ( The Washington Post)


While there is little voter fraud in the voter’s booth, there is demonstrable voting fraud in voter registration and in absentee ballots. These fraudulent activities are ongoing, and you will be surprised to note that NONE of the laws that are being debated or passed do anything to prevent this from happening!


Although the News21 study doesn’t reveal evidence of impersonation in voting booths, it does show that other types of voter fraud — especially in voter registration and manipulating absentee ballots — are alive and well. The data contain 400 cases of registration fraud and 491 cases of alleged absentee ballot abuse. (The Washington Post).


The disgrace of Thad McCotter is an excellent example of the real issue present. While running for his State seat, he needed 1,000 signature of voters in order to get on the ballot. McCotter was able to serve at least two terms with copied, forged and inaccuracies in his signature sheets. While his staff is being prosecuted for fraud, he has resigned and is awaiting determination of charges at this time. His is not a lone example. The State Secretary of Massachusetts has taken over East Longmeadow‘s town clerk’s office after verifying large numbers of forged and inaccurate absentee ballots were counted in an election there. (Take note that these two examples tend to be Republican) In Wisconsin, one city “lost” thousands of ballots during a severely competitive race for judges. They were later “found” and counted, but it changed the outcome of the race. These issues are not addressed in any of the voter ID laws to date.


While it cannot be denied that Voter Fraud does exist, you have to wonder why the states are working so hard to keep voters from voting. Fraud is occurring in the absentee ballots and in the counting of ballots. This could be resolved with better voting hardware, and ballot checks would be a more appropriate use of our finances and time. Getting an ID that has a picture, with correct unexpired address will cost people money they likely don’t have, time they can’t afford to lose, and a way to get the ID. Clearing up mis-information and educating the public is yet another piece that will cost the voter more money. Being smarter in how we prevent absentee ballot fraud and registration fraud would be a more effective use of our time and money. That is why it has become apparent that the Voter ID Bills are more about keeping voters away from the polls than their protection.





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