Romney and Ryan…The Logo Says It All?

A Point of Reference

I believe this logo speaks for itself, don’t you? Back in time, when Richie Rich was a good-hearted boy but not necessarily in tune with his lesser well off friends, this logo was emblazoned everywhere. Now we have multimillionaires running for president. Candidate Mitt Romney has picked a “Tea Party” loyalist for a running mate that supports his vision of tax breaks for the wealthy and cuts to the programs that aide the poor.

Now I am the first person to criticize someone who is “riding” the system. Still, the “system” of social support is not so great as to be a choice for the greatest number of people using it. Individuals who have lost their jobs to overseas, or simply plant closings, need retraining and aid until they can become self-supporting yet again. Even then, if one is over 55 a certain amount of ageism is bound to creep in. Companies want to hire and spend money training someone who is going to be with the company for a while, not someone who is due to retire in a few years. Candidate Romney fails to understand what it means to be out of work and an older American. His choice of running mate certainly proves that point.

Romney’s running mate Congressman Paul Ryan is the author of the budget that would cut into Social Security, privatize Medicare, and cut programs to assist the poor. He includes tax cuts, which could be helpful if one has a job, but does little for the job seeker. He retained the tax cuts that President Bush enacted, making budget deficits worse. This is not a rant, it is fact. His budget has been evaluated by both independent economists and the CBO. (Congressional Budget Office) These groups have stated unequivocally that Mr. Ryan’s version of Medicare would cost the elderly an additional $2000.00 or more, with cuts to their benefits included. It does create a tax cut of more than $1000.00 or more for working Americans making over $250,000.00 though. Right now I would challenge you to think about all the people you know who make that kind of money yearly, and decide if the tax cut is actually necessary for them.

The point is that theses two candidates combined have less understanding of what the under-employed, unemployed, elderly, and poor than anyone I can think of. I think this Richie Rich/ Romney-Ryan  logo is perfect for them.

2 thoughts on “Romney and Ryan…The Logo Says It All?

  1. This is an excellent post my friend. I am slanted toward the Democratic Party, but I pay attention to the facts, and I couldn’t agree with you more. You are right on the money. Aside from extraordinarily obsess with cutting taxes for the top 1%, and giving the bag to the poor; one of the GOP’s biggest aims is to dismantle the social safety net—privatize Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security. And every time they tried; they use a different tactic. The new tactic they are using to substantiate their obsession is the deficit. They are claiming that if they do not cut the above mentioned programs, the national debt will spin out of control. We know this argument does not hold water because when they were at the reins, they wiped out a budget surplus and run up the deficit.
    Thank you so much for sharing. Keep hope alive. God blesses.

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