Health Care IS A Right!

Health Care This Way

Health Care This Way (Photo credit: InertiaCreeps)

Listening to the news with half an ear the other day, I was astonished to hear someone deprecatingly remarking that the federal government had gone and made Health Care a right. While not surprised that someone considered health care a right of the citizens of this country, I was totally astounded to find out someone did NOT think health care was a right, could be a right, or should be a right! How could that be? What happened to our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? None of those are existent when someone is in poor health, or overwhelmed by exorbitant medical bills.

Now, currently I have used the words astonished, surprised, amazing, and astounded, so I will attempt to stop the superlatives and let you simply imagine the rest. The thing is, the very same people who are extremely protective of their right to free speech, their rights to carry firearms, and their rights to assemble, will withhold the right to good health. This on it’s face simply doesn’t make sense, so one has to wonder just how much of the carrying on about the Affordable Care Act is being done by insurance companies, drug companies, and medical device companies. Truly they are the ones who will be regulated in the amount of money they can charge you. They will be held to account for their charges and fees and for how they treat you as a customer. Those rules do not upset most individuals. Any person who has been in the hospital will tell you they see the need for some one to do something.

Here are three myth/truths about your health care.

Myth: The Affordable Care Act will come between you and your doctor.   Truth: The Act will ensure that the insurance companies cannot tell you what tests you can and cannot have, as they do now.

Myth: Your health care will be limited by the government standards.         Truth: The Insurance companies must spend 85% of premiums on healthcare for their clients, and no less. Imagine that money.

Myth: You have to buy something you cannot afford.                                          Truth: You will be aided in affording the insurance, and insurance you can afford will be made available. Name? Insurance Exchange.

As you can see, the losers are going to be the big business of health care, not the small patient. If you have never NEEDED health care, you are incredibly fortunate. Otherwise you know all too well the cost of health care in both money and life. It is an enormous burden and should not be on the individual alone. You have the RIGHT to be healthy and happy! Take it and Run!


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