Catching Recall Fever!

The Wisconsin recall of Governor Walker and his Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is full speed ahead. While we are busy collecting signatures and trying to count them, (the signatures are coming in faster than we can count) we are also fending off some of our angrier Republican Wisconsinites. This has energized us and caused us to redouble our efforts. I am very proud of all those participating in this great event.

At this time we have had people flip us the bird, shout in our faces, and even going so far as to put nails down where cars would run over them to sign a recall sheet. Not to be outdone, our staff has smiled sweetly while dialing 911, sweeping nails into the gutter, and grinning while the bird is flipped. Some getting signatures are going so far as to wave at the passersby. This encourages the people who want to sign the recall but are a bit intimidated. Our calm is their courage. Keep it up!

We have a Recall Event at Cafe Lulu in Milwaukee tonight, and a voter registration and recall event this Saturday. For more details you can reach me through the contact area, or call any recall office. Saturday we will be meeting at 2619 W.Oklahoma Ave, at 10 am , 12noon, or 2pm. Then we will go out into the neighborhood to register voters and get signatures. The support of our friends makes this fun and interesting, so please come and join in the fun!

“All I Want For Christmas Is Enough Signatures, Recall Signatures, Recall Signatures” You can see what I want for Christmas. What about you?


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