When It All Started

Recall Walker

As I scrambled to catch up with the recall of Governor Scott Walker, I found myself remembering our movement earlier in the year. Wisconsin has its Democratic State Convention early in June. While the legislature was trying to strip collective bargaining from public employees, the same people were going to give police and firefighters a pass.

The potential for a rift between public employees was never greater, and at the opening ceremonies of the convention there was going to be a statement made. No statement was necessary  though. Imagine if you can the thrill of the crowd when the gavel struck, the honor guard announced, and the drums and bagpipes of the Police and Firefighters Union marched to the front of the auditorium. No words were needed to show solidarity for all public unions.

I remember the tears in the eyes of the older members as the flag progressed and the feeling that struck me. In attempting to create a rift in public employees, the governor and his friends actually made us a stronger and more dedicated group.

Now the recall has started and the work begins. As the signatures are collected in the cold and over the holidays, it will help to remember those glorious opening ceremonies. We are together, we are Wisconsin!!


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