Money Keeps Talking–Loudly!

Senator Patty Murray added the GTX into a bill...

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Since the voluntary “Occupation on Wall Street” has started, the country has started a discourse on how money talks, and keeps talking loudly, in Congress. Many are feeling that the reason our Congress has become so in-active and unable to commit to a plan of action has everything to do with special interests and very little to do with the needs of the people in general. Where it used to be that many laws were enacted, redacted, or at least argued, now Congress is busy raising money and taking swipes at each other. The “Common Good” that used to be the measure for legislation, has been pushed aside for the good of the individual.

Take the Senate¬†Super Committee, which is supposed to come up with 1 trillion dollars in cuts to prevent severe cuts planned for “common good” programs in the Federal Budget. While much was hoped for by this super group, the fact is it is doomed to fail miserably. Why, you might ask? When the committee was tasked, one thing was apparent. An increase in revenues had to be discovered. The catch? Republican members of the committee have sworn they will not raise taxes in any way. Not by cutting loopholes, not by cutting special interests, and not by cutting tax benefits to the super rich corporations that don’t need them. So, with this impasse we sit. Who are these super rich that were able to purchase the promises of the Super Committee? Actually, that is easier to track than you might think due to “open government” laws.

Senator Patty Murray of Washington, Co-Chair of the committee, is a Democrat, and has proposed cutting loopholes. Yet, in the 2010 campaign cycle, she raised over 8 million dollars, most of it from individual donors. Odder still is that top donors were Microsoft, Boeing, and Weyerhauser, all companies that receive government contracts on a regular basis. Her counterpart is Jeb Hensarling, a Texan Representative, a freshman, and a Republican. His top money has been less than Senator Murray, but very respectable for a freshman from Texas. He raised 4.5 million dollars in the 2010 cycle, and currently has raised 3.2 million for the 2012 election. His top donors include Visa, Rent-a-Center, and two PAC’s, Aiken,Gump and KPMG. More about them later.

This makes evident the reason the debt Super Committee cannot be successful. If these members are out fundraising these monies, and failing to come to an agreement that can raise money for the United States. I think it is about time to call our Representatives and Senators and let them know we are not very impressed with their fundraising abilities, and that’s not what we elected them for. We would be much more impressed if they could actually work on behalf of the United States for a change.


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