Ending Wars = Saving Billions

US propaganda leaflet used in Afghanistan.

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In the ongoing list of things President Obama has accomplished in the three years he has been president, one of the best things in many views is the end of the 10 years of war. First was the attack in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban, who were responsible for aiding and abetting the mastermind of 9/11/2001, Osama Bin Laden. Failure to find Bin Laden was one thing, but opening up a war in Iraq unilaterally, against UN advice and counsel, was yet another thing that we can thank our Republican friends and president for. President Obama has resolved many of these issues.

He has announced the end of troops in Iraq, committing to all troops out of the country by the end of 2011. He has drawn down the number of troops fighting in Afghanistan, with an eye at being out of there by the end of 2013. He is responsible for ordering the capture and/or killing of Osama Bin Laden and other high level Afghan insurgents known as Al Qaeda. Drone attacks in the badlands of Pakistan have brought about the end of a great deal of insurgent activity in the area.  In 2009 he gave the order :

Ended the Bush-era “stop-loss” policy that kept soldiers

in Iraq/Afghanistan longer than their enlistment date.

In concluding these wars and ending the troops involvement with “on the ground” fighting, we are saving billions of dollars weekly. That is billions with a very large “B”. It will also allow the government accountability offices to follow-up and locate “lost” funds and overpayments to contractors that were hired to assist in the wartime effort.

Bringing the troops home, ending the wars, killing the Al Queada leaders, and saving billions is a definite plus for any president that took office during two wars on two fronts. These accomplishments should be celebrated and enjoyed.


One thought on “Ending Wars = Saving Billions

  1. Thank you–yes and yes! I read a gentleman’s wishes that he hoped that our military could become “boots on the ground humanitarians”–rather than carrying guns, we carry fresh water, equipment for wells rather than bombs; with the ability to give aid rather than cause the need for it. Do I still qualify as a Liberal, or am I too far left? Please keep writing, I so enjoy your thoughts. All the best, barb

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