Improving National Security

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As I continue in listing the things that President Obama has been able to change, or at least modify for the benefit of the American people, he continues the struggle for the average person. His current efforts to bring tax relief and jobs for those who live in the middle and lower-income areas are being met with fierce opposition by the Republican‘s, but he is not stopping and won’t give up. As he goes about, talking about how a good jobs bill will support and pay for jobs to be created, we look back at the improvements in National Security that have already occurred.

  • Phasing out the expensive F-22 war plane (which wasn’t even used in Iraq/Afghanistan) and other outdated weapons systems (2009) Phasing out expensive weapons that are not being used by our military has not made him very popular with the contractors that are making these weapons, but one has to question why the government was paying for weapons and development of the weapons when there was absolutely no use for them. These weapons were not being sold to foreign governments either. They were made and stockpiled until President Obama stopped the practice.
  • Cut the expensive Reagan era missile defense program, saving $1.4 billion in 2010 (2009) The fact that missile defense was outdated and some of those missiles no longer in place made this essential. The money saved from this program benefited out troops as they were able to get the better and more efficient body armor they needed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Replacing long-range, expensive missile systems with more efficient smaller systems (2009) As above, this was a major money-saving technique that helped our troops in the field get better equipment faster.
  • Established a new cyber security office and appointed a cyber security czar (2009)
  •  Ordered the first nation-wide comprehensive cyber threat assessment (2009)

I put the last two together as they are the first time our country has looked at and started to deal with the impending problems of cyber security.

Throughout the weeks, as we go from topic to topic it becomes obvious that President Obama has indeed accomplished as much as any president could with a Congress that is completely against standing up for the American people and their ideals. While Congress balks any changes, no matter how the country feels about it, President Obama does what he can for our safety, ethics, and financial reforms. It’s always good to see the specifics though.


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