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In the past two weeks since the President has presented his “American Jobs Act”, there has been a lot of talk back from Republicans about it being “class warfare”. It’s hard to think that the people calling out the President truly believe that, so I looked at a comparison of jobs and pay per family. The impact on the sluggish economy is quite different from household to household.Here is some interesting math to consider.

The average household income of a family of four is $50, 000.00.  Congress: Rank-and-File Members’ Salary
The current salary (2006) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $165,200 per year That is broken up into a number of categories. According to debt relief agencies, the finances are split below.

  • Housing- 24-30%
  • Utilities- 10% (lights, gas, water, trash pick-up and sewer)
  • Groceries– 12-20%
  • Car Expenses– 15% (includes car payment, fuel and repairs)
  • Medical- 5-6%
  • Clothing 4-8%
  • Debt- 10-12% (personal loans, old debt, credit cards)
  • Entertainment- 5%
  • Savings- up to 10% (as much as possible, but a little is better than none)

Using this as a budget reference, the average middle class person spends close to $1000.00 a month for rent. The congressional representative pays $3,304 dollars a month. The middle class family spends $500.00 a month for groceries. The congressional representative spends $1,652.00 a month for groceries.

It is easy to see why your congressional leaders are unaware that they are representing the wrong people when they cry “class warfare”. The fact is that they have a very different idea of the impact of the economy on a family of four. Add in that the country now supports a huge poverty population, and the disparities become even more pronounced.

These representatives and Senators need to get a wake up call. Call yours today!


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