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Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia

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It is clear to many people that the Republican Party has no intent of helping the middle class. When Speaker John Boehner presented his “Jobs Plan” to congress, it had nothing new in it at all. It was the old thing about capping spending, tax credits for the businesses, and reduce regulations. This is the same party that put that same plan into action in 2002 under President George Bush. I don’t remember a great deal of jobs being created by that method. I remember building a giant-sized deficit, run-away profit for oil, gas, and banks, and a near collapse of our economy due to banks being deregulated. Is the Republican Party that amnesiac or do they think we are not aware of the last two decades of history.

It is a fact that the reason the banks needed to be bailed out in 2008, while President George Bush was president, is that the regulatory agencies that were supposed to monitor them for illegal activity were stripped of staff and abilities to do their job. Now the Republicans want us to go that route with the EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the governmental watcher of all things that impact our environment. From air pollution to water pollution, from keeping endangered species safe to keeping our wildlife refuges clean, the EPA is responsible for it all. Republicans would love to end all that.

Now, Republicans have outlined a jobs agenda that mainly consists of eviscerating federal regulations they don’t like, with a particular focus on rules designed to protect the environment. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) released a memorandum to GOP lawmakers on Monday that targets the ten most “job-destroying” regulations in the federal register. Seven of them are rules the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is on track to impose.

I am totally amazed at the failure to understand the issue at hand. Did they forget the BP Oil spill? What about the problems with our seafood and fishermen? Are they unaware of the cancers that were caused by Asbestos and the cost of the medical care these poor souls have to endure? Can they really claim they didn’t know that most fresh water fish caught these days are so polluted from runoff that they are considered unsafe to eat? My GRANDCHILDREN know about “catch and release” and why it’s necessary.

When the Republicans planned on repealing the Affordable Care Act, they had NO PLAN at all to replace it. Surprisingly enough, the same is true with deregulation in the EPA.

But what’s the GOP alternative to EPA restrictions on mercury, acid gases, ozone and greenhouse emissions? Cantor’s memo only talks about delaying and weakening proposed rules, not some different approach to environmental protection. Maybe we just don’t need any more of that!

The lack of regulations on any type of organization will lead to runaway abuse. We have seen it time and time again. Now is the time to manage our efforts for the good. The very same country that believes that helmets are necessary to protect cycle riders, that public smoking is a hazard to the health of the many, must concern itself with the poisoning of the air, water, ground, and animals around us. Otherwise we will be taking a step backwards in time. Progress does not begin with a step backward.

Jobs Plan Rules Out Tax Increases

Jobs Plan Stops Environmental Protections


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