Voter Suppression Victims-Students+Elderly

The new voter ID law has been signed, sealed and delivered by the State Legislature in Wisconsin. The Governor has ensured that the fringe Democratic voter will have a great deal of difficulty voting in the next election, the recall of his seat. It will also impact the election of the president. Why? Who are these fringe voters I refer to? The voter who is seldom mobilized but will get out to vote and are generally Democrats, elderly and students. The new voter ID bill is so restrictive that no Student ID in The State will meet the bill’s requirements. The Wisconsin Colleges have all responded to inquiry, and to change their ID system to make the ID’s voter compliant is too expensive and burdensome at this time.

What can be done? To Get Out The Vote (GOTV) in the future, all registrars should be willing to assist the voter in identifying their ID requirements. Mass transport to the Wisconsin DOT for the free Voter ID needs to be arranged and staffed to assist the new ID registrants in asking for their free ID. That is the hidden rub. Unless you tell the Department of Transportation that you want your free voter ID, you will be charged the usual fee.

The only people exempt from the new law are the people who are indefinitely confined because of age, physical illness, or infirmity, or are disabled for an indefinite period and have a signed statement to that effect for receiving an absentee ballot.

What IS The New Standard?

  • A Wisconsin DOT issued Drivers License
  • A Wisconsin DOT issued Identification Card
  • A Passport
  • A Military ID
  • Naturalization Papers
  • An Identification Card issued by a federally recognized Wisconsin Indian Tribe

An Unexpired Student ID that Has Date of issue, signature of student, expiration date within 2 years of issuance.

Note again that the UW Schools and almost all universities have not met this requirement, and cannot due to cost at this time.

So there we have it. If the government can keep the elderly, the student, and the fearful from voting, it will make it so much easier to keep the power in the hands of those who passed this most restrictive bill.

Please Also Note:

This voter ID bill is the most restrictive one ever passed. While other states have a bill similar, Wisconsin’s is the worst. Isn’t that something to be proud of?

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