Did Dems Forfeit The “Farm”?

The deal that is being made by the Democrats and Republicans to raise the debt ceiling has a lot of bite in it, when it comes to cutting spending. Still, raising revenues is not part of the package. So I had to wonder, did the Democrats forfeit the revenues too soon and too easily. Were Republicans able to make this fight about spending cuts and balanced budget, and keep failing to make Jobs the priority. Remember in 2010 when you elected the Republicans? They did say they would create jobs. Still, we are not seeing any of those lounging around. Just a lot of cuts again, with no revenue and no job creators.

Without jobs, without help for those people who have been jobless for so long, I don’t see how this deal gets the country closer to anything. Schools will be degraded, our roads, bridges, and railways are already degrading, and now people are on the line as well. While Republicans in congress can celebrate their “no revenues” victory, they might wish to be careful. It could be a Pyrrhic victory at best. As the common people get angry about the failure to create jobs and the failure to insure that the rich bear their fair share, they could revolt and vote these people out of office as quickly as they were voted in.


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