Money Talks, BS Votes

Yes, I know, the actual thing is “Money talks and  BS walks” but honestly, have you listened to the politicians lately? During the period of time that they were running for office in 2010, just one year ago, they were promising jobs. Remember that? The hue and cry across the land was “elect me and I will bring jobs to your part of the world!” The legislators got elected, but guess what? No jobs, not a single job creation bill in sight. Bridges and roads are crumbling right under the tires of our cars, but no money is available for upgrades. No green energy jobs, a giant fight over making medical care affordable, and no money for social programs are all on the table. Not jobs, though. We were told that tax cuts enable job creation. The Bush Tax Cuts have been in place for nearly 10 years, so where are the jobs? It is apparent that trickle down economy is not working and has never really worked.

A lot of money, time and power was put into getting those Tea Party legislators elected. Documents filed for fund-raising in the year 2010 showed more money raised for that election than any previous off-year election in the past. Millions were spent on getting Republican state legislatures, Republican governors, and Republican Representatives in the House. Television hosts became openly partisan at times, and several endured a slap on the wrist for being too partisan, or contributing to an election that was not allowed by FCC regulations. Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor raised 15,000,000.00 between them for the 2010 election cycle. Compare that to the mere 7,000,000.00 for Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and James Clyburne, and you see where the money at least “talked” when it came to elections.

During this debate over the debt ceiling, we are losing Medicare benefits, Social Security benefits, the needy lose Medicaid benefits, NPR loses funding, education loses funding, and jobs are cut from all sorts of places in both Federal and State governments. While the Republican legislators in the House of Representatives are trying to cut our budget deficit by triangulating cuts on all the programs that aid those in need, they are loudly and aggressively protecting those who are doing extremely well from paying a reasonable tax. Note that I said extremely well. We are not talking about people who make less than a million dollars. Companies and individuals who make a million dollars are still paying less taxes than most middle-income couples. Check on GE, Verizon, and Boeing. They all pay less taxes or none at all.

The bottom line is that while we elected a lot of new legislators, those that make laws for a political unit, we failed to elect reasonable politicians. According to Webster, a politician is one who is experienced in the process of politics. Those who stand in the way of progress, of failing to recognize they are holding the country back, and insuring that the United States heads for second place need to learn how to negotiate. “My way or the highway” is not negotiation. The current votes in the Republican House are definitely reflective of the money and power that got them elected, but they are certainly failing those very same people now, as they drag their feet to a debt ceiling answer. The votes are totaling up to BS, and I am looking for my shovel!

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