Michele Bachmann..Femme Fatale or Fatally Flawed?

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Unfortunately for us, Michele Bachmann can say and do almost anything and get away with it. While she makes ridiculous claims and over inflates her own abilities, there are those Americans out there that think she has something going on. They hate the liberal media, think smart people are stuck up, and that they are laughed at in secret. While the liberal media might be a little stuck up, no one should laugh at Michele B. or her followers. They can and will make themselves felt. The “Tea Party” has co-opted the House, to the shame of the Republican Party. Nothing short of complete acceptance of the “Tea Party Values” will be acceptable for these people. Watch out, normal people. You can lose this fight. Pay attention to what you she is saying.
While Bachmann keeps making up her own statistics and her own laws, even her own “threats to America”, the fact is many people believe she is telling the truth. Counter intuitively, the more she fabricates, the more sincere she sounds. This is why she can make mistakes and no one calls her on it. They believe in her innocence.
Please, pull back the curtain and look at the levers that run this person. Unfortunately, she is like the “wizard”. She is just a human, and a flawed one at that.

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