Republican Menu Item…Fear, With A Side of Fear

Eyes Wide Open: The Human Cost of the Iraq War...

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While I was listening to the recent commentary on the Federal Budget, the deficit, how to solve it, and so on, I wondered how it became such a clarion call. After all, when we went to war in Afghanistan, no one asked about the end game or the cost. When we went to war with Iraq, again, no plan for an end game, no questions about the cost. Tax cuts for the wealthy in America? Absolutely, after all, how could that be a problem? Tax benefits for the banks? Yup, they could go bang with out our help! Oil company subsidies? Absolutely! That was only $53 billion in tax payer dollars. So who is worried about the deficit? Why?

That’s when I realized it. The Republican Representatives and Senators are playing a shell game with your sanity. Does America owe more money than she earns? YES! I have no argument that is true. What is also true is that America has always owed more than she earns, the same as every single industrial nation in the world. What is problematic is when your debt is greater than your gross domestic product. Now I am not an expert in this, so all I can point out is what I have read, we are worse than Germany in that regard, and better than Ireland. Discussion of defaulting unless we cut programs is ridiculous ginned up fear-mongering caused by the same people who talked us into a war in Iraq for no discernible reason.

What has this fear-mongering led us to? Let me see, we went to war in Iraq because they might be planning to do something bad someday. We gave tax breaks to the wealthy in 2004 to create jobs in America. (How did that work out for you?) We rescued the banks in 2008 because they were going down and were going to take us all with them. (They needed the money for bonuses). The President might not have been born in Hawaii. (Despite numerous sources to the fact he was born there.) The President attended a Baptist Church that hates white people. (Don’t forget Rev. Jeremiah). The President is a Muslim. (Ummm, about that Baptist Church?) Social Security and Medicare are going broke. (In 15 years or so.) Doing good things with our tax dollars is increasing the size of government. (Like NPR, Title X, Clean Air Act.) Using tax dollars to ensure that companies are subsidized and not over taxed is a good thing. (Like big oil, big banks, big spenders.)

Are you in fear yet? If not, don’t worry. They will find another “hot-button” issue to go after. It is the great message they are sending you. Glen Beck said it best! “Be Afraid America, be very afraid!” It’s just that well, you probably don’t need to be afraid of the junk that’s being peddled this week. You might want to be afraid that your friends and neighbors are being sold a bill of goods. Fear, with Fear on the side.

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