The Republican Flip-Flop on Libya

It should come as no surprise to many that the Republican’s are flip-flopping yet again. While they are busy trying to “create jobs” in Washington by cutting the budget in all the same places, they are quick to find fault with what President Obama is doing. The reaction to Libya is no different.

As recently as March 19, 2011 Senator John McCain and Senator Joseph Lieberman both voiced the opinion that President Obama had waited “too long” for a response to the crisis in Libya. it was their opinion that the no-fly zone proposed by many should have been put into effect and that the rebels in Libya needed the assistance that the zone would provide. Senator McCain added that he believed that had the US acted sooner, the no-fly zone would have been sufficient to stop the civil war. Senators McCain and Lieberman were joined in their criticism of the President by Senator Lindsey Graham  and Senator John Kerry, as well as John Bolton, former ambassador to the UN.

Then March 20, 2011 happens, and America joins a league of coalition forces from the United Nations and begins the institution of a no-fly zone. And with a speed second only to light, those opinions turned on a dime, and on the President’s decision. Now these same Republicans want to know how much the no-fly zone will cost America. They want to know why the Congress was not consulted and permission requested. Now Senator McCain thinks the President waited “too long” and wants to know the “end game”. Senator Graham is concerned about a “prolonged stalemate” in Libya. The speed of this flip-flop was blinding.

embeded here is a take on that flip-flop from the Daily Show. I believe John Stewart does a much better job at this than I would. Enjoy

America at Not-War – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – 03/22/11 – Video Clip | Comedy Central

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7 thoughts on “The Republican Flip-Flop on Libya

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    • No worries about timing. I tend to leave remarking to last minute, then realize my bookmarks are overflowing again! Thanks for the input and the letting me know how you found me. I look forward to hearing from you again soon!

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