Wisconsin Labor Opportunity

Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker, has provided the middle class and labor the opportunity to halt it’s own erosion – if they have the leadership to grab it.

Step up labor.  The strength of collective bargaining lies in the potential damage the common labor can do the employer by shutting him down.  That’s it.  That’s all that ever forced any owner, corporation or government to take it’s employees seriously.  It is a stand off.  Does labor or the employer lose more in a shut down?   Who can last longer?  Who is more determined?

The power of any one union is exponentially multiplied by the solidarity shown by fellow unions.  If they all walk out in sympathy, the employer ,in this case the state of Wisconsin, is reminded of the true worth of the common laborer.

This is obvious and has been shown to work time and again throughout the history of the world.  What’s missing today in Wisconsin is the strong labor leadership to bring a cohesive strong labor voice to the governor.

Find the leader.  Deliver the threat to the governor.  If he still hesitates, shut down his state.  All union employees together.  He will back off when his caviar and wine does not arrive on time.

He has had his chance.

Stop freezing in the cold while waiting for someone to get hurt.

Stand up.  Stand together.  SOLIDARITY!

If you don’t do it now, give up your unions because they will no longer hold any power to help anyone.


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